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Maria Angeli - Caught Up In A Rush (Official Music Video)


Born in the sensual city of Rome into a renowned Italian family heritage of household-name artists and film makers, it was only a matter of time before Maria Angeli’s own natural talents as a performing artist would simmer to the top. To capture and nurture this raw and exploding creative force, Maria was promptly sent to train at top performing arts schools. It was not long though before she realised that the harder she tried to resist the temptation, the more seductive the idea of relocating to the most dazzling and dynamic European city to pursue her artistic career became. So at the tender age of seventeen, Maria trusted her instincts and packed her bags and moved to London.
After an initial avalanche of acting work in various stage productions, short films and commercials, Maria made an executive decision to focus on her true calling: a musical career as a singer songwriter. In 2001 she stood behind a studio microphone for the very first time to belt out deep, sultry house vocals that would blow away Swedish-based DJ and producer Pawel Kobak. This creative collaboration and Maria’s evocative and seductive voice resulted in the two seminal tracks: “You Got Me” and “Looking After No.1” that were later released now on (DJ/Producer) Manuel Perez’s hugely successful record label Marendadisc.

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